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Published: 05th March 2010
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The kidney surgery is commonly seen in global patients. According to the medical study analysis of India, there is a rise in approximately10% of the figures of kidney surgery in 2009 than the previous year. There are various causes of kidney surgery. Of which, the most popular are kidney stones, and kidney cancer. Kolkata is famous for kidney surgeries due to the economical and quality medical services available to the global patients. Read on to know more about the kidney complications and surgery.

Kidney surgery Kolkata

Kidney is a bean shaped organ that produces urine as its primary function. It is a paired organ located behind the abdominal cavity. This space is called retroperitoneum. Kidney stone is a medical condition where the filtration of excessive calcium turns out to form crystals which later becomes stones. These stones should be removed from the kidney otherwise the severe complications will lead to kidney failure. Though, 99% of the kidney stones are removed without surgery. In Kolkata there are many qualified kidney stone surgeons who do the job efficiently. There are several surgical ways of removing the kidney stones from the body of the patients. Some of these may be invasive and others not. The small stones of 1cm or less are ideally removed through lithotripsy. It is a procedure through which the stone is disintegrated and removed away with time through normal urination over a period of time. This is a noninvasive way of removing the stone. The (Per Cutaneous Nephro Lithotomy) PCNL is an invasive method for large kidney stones. A key whole surgery is performed and the stone is disintegrated and taken out of the body through the same tract which is dilated in the kidney. The ureteroscopy is also an invasive procedure of removing kidney. It is imperative to know how to contact the kidney surgery surgeons of Kolkata.

Online Appointments to Reputed Kidney Surgeons of Kolkata

There are many qualified surgeons of Kolkata who efficiently perform kidney stone operations at affordable prices. They run their websites online and you can read through these sites to check their past achievements of complicated medical cases, the list of services they provide and quote they charge. You can also make appointments for their services through these websites. For more information on the matter kindly search the net. provides the world class prostate gland surgery, Kidney Surgery Kolkata and all types of treatment for Kidney related problem at affordable rates in Kolkata by renowned Consultant Urologist Dr. Amit Ghose. He is one of the best Kidney Surgeon Kolkata for surgery treatments.

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