Job Interview Questions and Answers: Decode the Career Heights with Ease

Published: 09th July 2009
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Job interview questions and answers are good way to cope up with the impounding dangers of the interviews. Many online agencies are working day and night to present in front of you questionnaires so that you can use them as guidelines to decode the interview successfully. There are many questions asked during the interview some of which are common and others depending upon your profile. The answers differ too but one can surely say that the best answer is always that which is framed as per the requirements of the interviewer and not solely on the basis of what interviewee wants to say.

Some important job interview questions and answers

Questions can be many but always keep in mind that it is always better to format your answer beforehand so that you don't mess up there. Also self confidence, high self esteem and boldness are always welcomed! So, whatever answer you say, your way of presentation counts strong against all odds! Let's now discuss the obvious questions that the interviewer can ask:-

1. Describe yourself in words.
2. Your best qualities as per you are?
3. Let me know about your weaknesses.
4. Your application for this job came because?
5. You expect your salary to be?
6. Count upon one such success of your professional life that you are proud of.
7. Can we know about any of your professional failures?
8. What picture do you imagine in your mind in 5 years?
9. Can you count yourself to be a team player?
10. What are your favourate pastimes?
11. Your career goals are actually?
12. Plus points of your last position.
13. Negative points of your last position.
14. How was your manager, portray him/her accordingly?
15. What drags you to a change?

Online tutors of job interview questions and answers

Many websites are developed who are working on framing job interview questions and answers for you so that you can gather relevant information and cope up the interview with flying colours! These websites provide tips and guidelines formatted by professionals. Searching the net will let you gather more information on the matter. You can get free of cost information or else have to pay nominal charges for the tutorials and related videos. provides interview tips, sample interview questions and Job Interview Questions and Answers for interviewing. Here you can find various types of Interview Questions and Answers for interview preparation.

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