How an Electric Motor Rewinds?

Published: 03rd September 2010
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An electric motor is a simple mechanical device that plays an important role in running an electric machine. But on a DC motor, rewinding the coils should be undertaken by only experts who are experienced in repairing electrical or mechanical. A single mistake in rewinding an electric motor will result in a useless motor that does not work properly and force you to take it to a good shop for repair or to purchase a new electric motor. Therefore, if the motor rewinds by only a professional and experienced person then it will be too good. An electric motor rewinds once you start eliminating the original coils.

How an electric motor rewinds?

An electric motor rewinds by following the below steps:

Step 1: Make your work surface dust and dirt free.

Step 2: Eliminate an electric motor housing for revealing the windings.

Step 3: Store the present configuration by taking snaps or making notes. You can also videotape your deconstruction so that you can create the original winding connections and pattern again.

Step 4: Bend the tabs, remove the wire from the tabs and then cut the coils of the wind.

Step 5: The place, at the top of the coils at the top of the armature is the easier place to cut. You need to count the total number of winds in each coil to rebuild an electric motor to its original configuration.

Step 6: When the motor rewinds, just before few seconds you need to check the insulation revealed. Damaged or burned insulation can be replaced with same type of insulating tape.

Step 7: By using the similar gauge, rewind the armature. If you want to change the quality of your wire then substitute a nylon-and-polyurethane-coated wire for the original enamel-coated wire.

Step 8: You need to create the actual winding pattern and number of coils around all windings again. But you need to take care for making each coil tight and precise for an excellent performance.

Step 9: Connect the wire you left in the first winding and the end of the last winding to the tab where you started.

Step 10: Make sure that any of the wires connecting to the tabs are not touching and then reassemble an electric motor housing. is an E-commerce store, selling a huge range of Electric motors, Single Phase Electric motor, Industrial fans as well as a range of electric Motor rewinds with the best customer services.

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